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Yesterday March 16, 2020. Dow Jones Industrial Index just has a one day historic plunge almost close to 3000 points. Tradebots usually don’t comment on health news because Tradebots, Inc is a Canadian start-up FinTech company. However, in Tradebots, we understand human emotion so much, and we know that people are extreme fearful right now around the world both health-wise and financially.

Therefore, we are going to show you how to survive this health and financial crisis but you must act now.

1 How to survive this health crisis?

We’ve got a hand on a very good research report. Everyone just follow the following advice and we’ll be fine. The following is the excerpt:

3. What Should You Do?

Flatten the Curve

This is a pandemic now. It can’t be eliminated. But what we can do is reduce its impact.

Some countries have been exemplary at this. The best one is Taiwan, which is extremely connected with China and yet still has as of today fewer than 50 cases. This recent paper explain all the measures they took early on, which were focused on containment.

They have been able to contain it, but most countries lacked this expertise and didn’t. Now, they’re playing a different game: mitigation. They need to make this virus as inoffensive as possible.

If we reduce the infections as much as possible, our healthcare system will be able to handle cases much better, driving the fatality rate down. And, if we spread this over time, we will reach a point where the rest of society can be vaccinated, eliminating the risk altogether. So our goal is not to eliminate coronavirus contagions. It’s to postpone them.


The more we postpone cases, the better the healthcare system can function, the lower the mortality rate, and the higher the share of the population that will be vaccinated before it gets infected.

How do we flatten the curve?

Social Distancing

There is one very simple thing that we can do and that works: social distancing.

If you go back to the Wuhan graph, you will remember that as soon as there was a lockdown, cases went down. That’s because people didn’t interact with each other, and the virus didn’t spread.

The current scientific consensus is that this virus can be spread within 2 meters (6 feet) if somebody coughs. Otherwise, the droplets fall to the ground and don’t infect you.

The worst infection then becomes through surfaces: The virus survives for up to 9 days on different surfaces such as metal, ceramics and plastics. That means things like doorknobs, tables, or elevator buttons can be terrible infection vectors.

The only way to truly reduce that is with social distancing: Keeping people home as much as possible, for as long as possible until this recedes.


Containment is making sure all the cases are identified, controlled, and isolated. It’s what Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan are doing so well: They very quickly limit people coming in, identify the sick, immediately isolate them, use heavy protective gear to protect their health workers, track all their contacts, quarantine them… This works extremely well when you’re prepared and you do it early on, and don’t need to grind your economy to a halt to make it happen.

I’ve already touted Taiwan’s approach. But China’s is good too. The lengths at which it went to contain the virus are mind-boggling. For example, they had up to 1,800 teams of 5 people each tracking every infected person, everybody they got interacted with, then everybody those people interacted with, and isolating the bunch. That’s how they were able to contain the virus across a billion-people country.

In simple English, in order to flatten the curve mentioned above, keep a social distance and combine with containment. This will help fighting this battle. China has done it. US and Canada can do it too!

For US citizen to protect yourself, follow the guideline from here.

For Canadian to protect yourself, follow the guideline from Canadian government.

2 How to survive this financial crisis?

People are panic selling right now but this pandemic can be controlled and contained. Just follow the advice above. The faster we can flatten the curve mentioned above, The faster the economy can bounce back! This is a health crisis causing economic downturn. This’s very different than the 2008 financial crisis.

If you following the advice mentioned above to fight the coronavirus, the coronabear will go away and we can all enjoy a corona-beer party in the future.

In order to make our health and financial health better:

Everyone must now do more than their fair share!!! Please share this post to other people to help them to understand what they need to do!

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