Tradebots accumulating DIS (Disney)

Perhaps our blog post “Tradebots special – Coronavirus (COVID-19) survival guide” has reached politician worldwide, we saw most of the leader worldwide has adopted the policy of flatten the curve and advocating the importance of  social distancing after our opinion on March 17, 2020. Even thought we are seeing more cases of coronavirus recently (this is expected because this coronavirus is highly contagious) but we are finally seeing light in the end of tunnel because this is the right way to end this pandemic.

After the recent market plunge due to the coronavirus panic selling, we are starting to look for some high quality companies to add to our Tradebots long term portfolio. Tradebots is currently accumulating Disney (DIS :NYSE) in the low 80s.

Tradebots bought Disney on 3/18/2020


Tradebots bought Disney on 3/23/2020



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